Everyone’s got those life moments that we'll never forget - those scary leaps of faith, the moment we found "The One" and remembering what it was like to just be a kid again. These are the milestones that have shaped who we are and so why not relive all of the fun, love and thrills? And who knows, you might just make some new memories along the way!

That Moment We Became Kids Again With Our Own Kids


Before iPhones and iPads, growing up in the summer was always about fun under the sun. Much to mum’s dismay, we ran laps around the neighbourhood with water guns and bombs in hand with mischief on our minds. Dad even taught us how to swim one summer and that had to be the best part ever. Launching ourselves into his arms the moment we were allowed out of our floaties felt like we were soaring through the sky!

Why not relive and recreate some of those first poolside (or, even better, beach-side) memories with your kids?! If you ask us, we'd say head to where the sun shines the brightest – the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Stay at the luxurious Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort where you'll find yourself surrounded by gorgeous tropical gardens and blue lagoons. Practice your backstrokes, learn to surf or even whale watch with the young ones – whatever floats your boat! The hotel pool is also known as being one of the city’s finest and even features a sneaky swim-up bar if you don’t want to towel off for a cocktail.

And when the kids get tired of the water, let them recharge by having a tasty bite at arguably the most loved seafood buffets on the Gold Coast - the Terrace Restaurant. Be spoiled for choice and feast on a plethora of oysters, scallops, prawns, roast meats and soul-satisfying desserts! When the kids' tummies are full and they're ready for some more fun, make one more stop and hit up the games room with their SPG Kids pass. Here, let them battle it out for the next NBA champ!

That Moment We Said We're Going To Take A Trip Of A Lifetime

Started from the bottom, now we here....well almost. Being a millennial is tough. After graduation, the pressure to reach #goals when it comes to creating an enviable life is next level. But, hold up, we're still young and before we start adulting, we can still plan that 'one last hurrah'. You dream of seeing things you haven't seen at home, eating things you've only heard about and just living it up with your ride or die crew. Well stop dreaming and let's do this! Sure, it might mean living at home until you're 30 but, we're all about living in the moment!

Sydney, Australia will always be one of our favourite spots to live that glam life. Stunning beaches, top-rated restaurants, iconic landmarks and a vibrant arts & culture scene means your grad trip will definitely cement EPIC status. Celebrate the end of student life and usher in a new chapter by balling out at - the Pier One Sydney Harbour Hotel! Live big and check everyone into this seriously lavish boutique hotel, which is smack bang on the waterfront overlooking the infamous Sydney Harbour Bridge. Every inch of this property is Instagrammable - from the stunning architecture and decor,  to fab views with the Sydney Harbour as your literal backdrop!

The thing about this beautifully restored hotel is that the wonderful people there are all about top-notch service, so you can get a taste of what it's like to be treated like a celeb. They even get down to the special touches like a glass of bubbly upon arrival and chocolate-dipped strawbs in your room - we're sure you'll never want to leave! This hotel is full of unforgettable experiences at every turn - imagine eating lunch right on the wharf with your legs dangling in the water. Now if that doesn't cause some low-key jealousy back home, what will?!

That Moment We Decided We're Going to Pave Our Own Way

Here's to the moments when we took that leap of faith and decided to do it our way. It's not every day that we get the chance to follow our dreams and turn our wacky ideas and passions into a reality. So shout out to the big dreamers, deep thinkers, against-the-grainers and risk takers. How times have changed as you traded in your cubicles for living the digital nomad life - you’re calling the shots, travelling the world, meeting amazing people from all walks of life and all while working from a laptop.

Part of living the digital nomad life is waking up and figuring out, "where will today's office be?" We're always on the hunt for a business-meets-leisure environment with the right technology (really fast wi-fi and strong coffee a must), where creativity can flow and new conversations can spark at any given moment. If you’re in the area, the very sleek and urban Aloft Perth just might be your new favourite work spot. This property exemplifies what a modern business hotel should be: with state-of-art audio/visual systems, plasma TVs, and fast & free WiFi all within reach makes this the perfect spot for maximum productivity!

The nomad life is all about work hard and play harder, so once you've wrapped up for the day, head to the buzzy W XYZ® Bar where you can grab a craft beer or bottle of wine and enjoy the evening with any fellow travellers that you meet. But if you can't get away from work, take a breather and grab a healthy snack or two from the 24/7 Re:fuel by Aloft pantry; perfect for when you have those Skype calls at odd hours of the morning (timezones, we're looking at you.)! And you can always head back to your room, recharge and do it all again tomorrow!

That Moment We Fell In Love For Reals

Aaron Burden

Hands up if you remember all too well those cringe-inducing first dates that have made you swear you'll never date again! But as bad as they were, you got lucky that one time and came across that special someone. So special that you still laugh when you think back to that clumsy first date, with the burnt steak and cheap wine, but you somehow still landed that second date. Fast forward to today and you can't imagine ever being apart. Now that is love!

We know how it gets when life happens, there's no time for anything, but it's time to bring back the romance. Whether it's a special celebration or a romantic getaway, head to the charming island paradise that is all sun, sand and sea – Bali. If romance means being holed up in a ultra-luxe and private resort, then it's gotta be The Ritz-Carlton Bali. Imagine decked out villas with private pools and spacious suites, all elegantly designed with romance in mind. If you’re lucky to stay in the Sky Villa with a gazebo at your doorstep, you can have a opt for a private romantic dinner right in the middle of Mother Nature. When you can bear to tear your eyes away from gazing into each other’s, cast your eyes onto the expansive water just outside your gazebo – what an experience of a lifetime!

There’s plenty more to do and even more memories to be made with your loved one! Spend some time venturing out to many of Bali’s gorgeous sites visiting temples, checking out gorgeous waterfalls and lush rice paddies. Just want to stay incognito for this romantic getaway? No worries! Catch some vitamin D together on the property’s beach, take a Balinese cooking class on-site or book in for a couples’ spa treatment. There really is no better place to both bliss out and feel more loved up than ever.

That Moment The Family Got Even Closer

One day we're just kids, then we graduate, dive into a career, start a family and the years just whip by super quick. We're constantly busy and, when you take a moment to look around, the entire family is glued to their iPhones and laptops. The last time you went home to see mum and dad with the kids, you couldn’t help but think that ‘wouldn’t it be great’ if we could all do something special together. Trading in the spreadsheets for flight schedules, you decide that this is the trip where we're all going to focus on family.

Choose an island getaway so that everyone can spend some uninterrupted time with each other. And knowing us, we'd love for the kids to move beyond their screens and to treat our parents for the endless love and support they've given us. And what better backdrop for all of this to happen than pristine white beaches and clear blue waters? Where is this glorious place, you ask? Why, we're talking about the one and only Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay. Wake up to stunning, never-ending views of palm trees and sparkling water, lounge on your balcony or on the beach, and enjoy all sorts of water activities from snorkeling to kayaking.

For sure, the kids will be impressed by the man-made lagoon that surrounds the property and will be photographing all over the joint. That's when you can take some time out to try your hand at miniature golf with mum and dad before chatting with the whole family around some sunset cocktails. Don't forget to gobble up some delicious lobster rolls at the Fish Bar while you're at it!

They say travel creates memories to last a lifetime, whether you're looking to relive old ones or make brand new ones, Book This Minute with Marriott where all of life's special moments, milestones, celebrations and first-times can be cherished.