Leslie Yeh A lifestyle journalist for the past four years in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Leslie is obsessed with all things food- and travel-related and spends any free time she has baking cupcakes in her small (but reliable) counter-top convection oven.
8 months AGO Hong Kong this March: The World’s Greatest Restaurant Festival, and Hong Kong Art Month Leslie Yeh
9 months AGO Hong Kong this February: Riverdance, Freespace Happening and Dragonland Music Festival Leslie Yeh
10 months AGO Hong Kong this January: AIA The Great European Carnival, Bryan Adams and Metallica Leslie Yeh
11 months AGO Hong Kong this December: Wicked, Disney on Ice and Winter Wonderland Leslie Yeh
1 year AGO Hong Kong this November: Marco Polo Bierfest, Thriller Live and Secret Theatre Leslie Yeh
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