Bali's Seminyak is known for its beaches, amazing sunsets, restaurants and nightlife, but the area is also home to some of the most inspiring and interesting design concepts throughout the island. Here's our picks on some of the best designed spots in Seminyak:

An Iconic Hotel With Deep Cultural Roots: W Bali

You probably couldn't tell by just simply looking, but the W Bali has taken their signature modern-chic style and added a number of local Balinese design elements seen throughout the property.

Bali's infamous rice paddies come to life at the W Bali  and it's not where you'd expect. Next time you're lounging at the WET Pool, take a closer look and you'll see the familiar tiers and grooves that span across all their pools!

In addition to the pool, Bali's green fields, trees and leaves also brought inspiration into the room designs with the rugs and bed coverings taking on a nature inspired look.

The W Bali also pays its respects to the local culture with several lighting designs depicting the rooftops of Balinese temples. You'll see them as you walk throughout the property and they look even more captivating as they light up during the night!

A Lil’ Bit of Spain Comes to the Island: La Finca

The hype around the new Spanish tapas hotspot La Finca is real, and its photogenic features are no slouch. Dine on fresh organic dishes within the alfresco dining hall, a popular subject on Instagram for guests.

The Spanish word finca, refers to a rural land, away from the city where you'll typically see a farmhouse in an open space surrounded by greenery. La Finca embodies this to a tee, as its airy, central space flows seamlessly into the lush gardens outside, while having a rustic and welcoming ambiance. Come here with a group of friends, share some tasty dishes and relax! 

A Pair of Restaurants Take the Fire & Water Theme to the Next Level: Fire & Starfish Bloo

At the Fire restaurant inside the W Bali, they pay homage to the traditional Balinese Kecak Fire Dance, a historical story performed throughout Bali and most famously at the Uluwatu Temple.

Using modern and one-of-a-kind custom designs,  the eye-catching lighting centerpiece represents that actual ball of fire at center of the dance, while the thinner lamps on the off-sides represent the fire dancers. The menu matches perfectly with a focus on meats straight off the grill and a wine list featuring only the best red wines!

Across from Fire, on the opposite end of the W Bali is Starfish Bloo, which takes on a bright and breezy beachside theme with its main design staple resembling lobster cages!

These massive "cages" almost hit the ceiling and make for a grand yet cozy table, with a perfect view of the pool and beach.  Enjoy dishes using only the freshest ingredients available and let's not forget you're sitting in “lobster cages,” so be sure to enjoy some of their delectable fresh seafood too.

An Old School Chinese Gangster Bar: Shanghai Baby

Shanghai swank comes to Bali at this upscale restaurant and nightlife venue. As soon as you step in, the interior is all 1930s Shanghai-inspired dramatics - think splashes of blue-green hues, glossy tiles, and dim lighting. 

Almost as if you're stepping onto the set of a Hollywood movie, you won't even feel like you're in Bali! Shanghai Baby has become one of the most popular restaurants and nightlife spots in the area.

A Hipster Island Juice Bar: Cafe Organic

Cafe Organic is everything hipster and healthy, making it one of the busiest cafes, brunch spots and health food joints on the island. They embody the free-spirit lifestyle and that even comes through in their fun and fresh food plating to their interior design as well. 

Natural sunlight streams through their glass walls, inviting the Bali sunshine right into the cafe. Our favourite designer highlight is the hand-painted garden mural on the wall, which makes waiting for a drink perfect to snap some awesome Instagrams. 

Bonus Spot - A DJ's Perfect Hideout : The W Sound Suite

DJs and performers from all over the world travel to Bali for some of the best parties ever.  And when they're in town looking for a place of their own, the W Sound Suite fit the bill perfectly. Every inch of the studio's design is music inspired from the floor to ceiling photos on the walls to the DJ equipment, electric guitars and keyboards - it's time to jam in style!