Everything you need to know about Thailand’s famed capital

One Awesome Bangkok Video

A Haiku About Bangkok

Beautiful temples

Bustling with activity

Street life and street food

Speak Like A Local

Locals speak Thai and it’s dialects, with some being able to converse in English.

Chat Like A Local

Line is the most popular messaging app. Other widely-used apps include WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, and Viber.

All About That Cash

The official currency is the Thai Baht (‎Bht, ฿, or THB, ~THB35 = US$1).

For street food, a meal costs around THB30-50, with prices averaging HB 100-200 for smaller local restaurants.

Best Time to Visit

With no seasons, Bangkok’s tropical climate is usually hot, with March to May being the hottest, and December to February regarded as the cooler months. Note that there is a risk of flooding due to heavy rainfall in the months from July to October.

Is it safe?

Fairly safe. Be on your guard against pickpocketing, purse-snatching and petty theft.

One Crazy Fact

The World Meteorological Organisation named Bangkok as the world’s hottest city, with average air temperature throughout the year being 28 degrees centigrade, peaking at 34 degrees between the months of March and May.

Main Districts

-Siam: The main shopping and entertainment area at the heart of the city.

-Sukhumvit : Known for its vibrant nightlife.

-Old City and the Riverside: The area where the historical attractions can be found.

-Khao San Road: Known as a hip backpacker district.

-Chinatown: A heritage and cultural district.

The Giant Swing

Probably the only one of its kind in the world, the massive 27-meter tall swing is located near one of Bangkok’s most famous temples, the Wat Suthat.

Getting In and Out

There are 2 airports in Bangkok: Suvarnabhumi Airport (also known as Bangkok International Airport) and Don Mueang International Airport.There is a free shuttle transfer service that allows you to get from one airport to the other.

Suvarnabhumi Airport is also known for its design, that is so impressive it was the most photographed place on Instagram in 2012.

Travelling from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city: 

- By bus: There are two bus services available: Bus BMTA and Bus Bor Khor Sor. The usual fare for a trip to the city is around THB35.

- By train: Located on the first floor, the Airport Rail Link connecting to the City Line takes 30 minutes, with prices from THB15-45 depending on your destination.

- By public van: Located at the Arrival Terminal, Gates 1-8. Route and fare information here. 

- By taxi: Taxis are found on the first floor of the Passenger Terminal on the first floor, Gates 4 and 7. Total cost for a ride to the city is around THB120, and takes about 30 minutes.

- By car: View the full list of car rental services available at the airport and compare prices here.

Travelling from Don Mueang International Airport to the city:

- By bus: There is a special bus A1 that goes from the airport to public bus and train stations. Board the bus along the arrival platform at entrance 7 of Terminal 1. It arrives at every 20 minutes and costs a fixed fee of THB30. Bus route here.

- By taxi: Take a taxi from the first floor at entrance 8 of Terminal 1 and the arrival platform of Terminal 2.

- By car: Car rental services are available at first floor of Terminal 1, with companies Avis, Hertz, Budget, and National.

Getting Around

Common forms of transportation include:

- Walking

- Tuk tuks: These three-wheeled vehicles can be flagged down at roadsides. The main tourist scam involving tuk tuks is the marking up of prices. To avoid overpaying, ask a Thai person at your hostel or hotel how much the tuk tuks in your area should cost before bartering with a driver.

- Bus: There are two types of buses, the regular buses, and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

- Train: The Sky Train, also known as the BTS, is a reliable way to get around. Tickets can be purchased at the stations. Alternatively, take the MRT. BTS and MRT map here.

-Taxi: Use taxis with a meter (look out for a “Taxi Meter” sign on the roof). Use this fare calculator to estimate the cost of your ride.

Pro tips: Check the Transit Bangkok website for route planning and fare information, and purchase passes like the BTS one-day pass (BHT140) for unlimited rides. More information here.