taipei The real meaning of hipster, quirky, and artistic packed into one city
VISA Many passports do not require a visa
Check official immigration site for details.
LANGUAGE Chinese Mandarin
TRANSPORTATION MRT, bus, taxi, walking
taipei 101Easily Asia's hidden card - think a trendy, hipster culture against a backdrop of gleaming skyscrapers mixed with the city's more quieter persona. With tucked-away cafes and hilltop temples, rest assured you're never far from discovering another corner of Taipei's ever-changing landscape.
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eatSome say the only way to truly understand Taipei is through one of its most valued customs: eating. There's no such thing as being hungry in the capital city of Taiwan, no matter what time it is. Choose from a world of dumplings, pork belly buns, bubble tea, and so much more!
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stayWith awesome accommodation coming in a range of budgets, spaces, and comforts, you can always expect a good night's sleep in Taipei. Take your pick at staying right in the heart of the city where all the night action is or have a dreamless sleep in a hot spring village.
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shopThe sheer variety of things you can find in Taipei makes it a challenge to work out exactly where to go if you're looking to spend some moolah. Start with the landmark department stores set in the heart of the city, but don't forget to make time to hit the alleys, night markets, and shopping districts.
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nightlifeAs the city grooms its around-the-clock nightlife scene, thriving mainstream clubs co-exist alongside neighborhood dive bars, low-key pubs, and live music venues.
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