Come Saturday and Sunday, countless dim sum joints around the city become crowded with hungry diners looking to get their weekly fix of har gao and siu mai. Which places are worth the queue and which ones are worth skipping? Check out our list below for five places in Hong Kong that you should absolutely head to for affordable, quality dim sum.

1. DimDimSum

DimDimSum is a casual outlet that has several locations dotted around the city, and is always cheap and cheery. You’ll find the usual suspects like siu mai, custard buns and pan-fried turnip cakes, along with more interesting creations such as beef meatballs with tangerine peel, cheung fan (thick noodles) with mushrooms, and fried wasabi dumplings.

Expect fast service and wallet-friendly prices that should have you in and out for less than HK$100 per person.

Average wait time: Despite the long lines, table turnover is fast here. Expect to wait no more than 20 minutes on weekends.

2. Tim Ho Wan

By now, there's now way you haven't heard about Tim Ho Wan. As Hong Kong's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant, their barbecue pork buns are worth all the patience in the world. Light, fluffy and generously filled with sweet barbecued pork and a crunchy pineapple crumb crust, these buns are to die for. Other items you can have without breaking the bank? Steamed beef balls, deep-fried dumplings, shrimp har gao, steamed eggplant, chicken feet and glutinous rice dumplings are also our favourites.

Average wait time: Tim Ho Wan boasts several outlets in the city—head to the outer locations like North Point and Tseung Kwan O for shorter lines, but expect to wait between 30 minutes to an hour on weekends.

3. Lei Garden

This popular restaurant and dim sum specialist is well deserving of the recognition it's gotten in the Michelin guide the past several years. Lei Garden sees a constant flow of customers due to its thoughtful attention to detail and complex flavors, yet unpretentious approach to service. Their har gao are stuffed full of plump, fresh shrimp, while the siu yuk and other roasted meats boast delightfully crispy skin.

Although it’s a chain restaurant, dining here feels like an occasion, with warm service and carefully executed dishes.

Average wait time: Book ahead online at least 3 days in advance to avoid the queues. Find a full list of locations here

4. Maxim’s Palace City Hall

Maxim's is an institution in Hong Kong, complete with grand chandeliers and large windows overlooking the harbour. This traditionally styled restaurant is one of the few places in town that still serves dim sum from roaming carts. While there’s nothing particularly fancy on the menu, you’ll find solid renditions of all the classics here, from baked barbecue puffs to sweet buns and sticky rice in lotus leaves.

Average wait time: Maxim’s opens at 11am, but you'll have to come early to avoid the queue or expect to wait anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

5. Lin Heung Tea House

This traditional teahouse is one of the oldest in Hong Kong, and is frequented by both locals and tourists. Don’t expect fancy tableware or friendly service here at Lin Heung Tea House, but do expect quality dim sum crafted by seasoned hands at dirt-cheap prices. Ingredients are fresh and dishes arrive steaming hot. Try their authentic take on dishes such as chicken feet, crunchy lotus roots and pork-filled cheung fun, or splurge on fancier eats like braised duck and steamed razor clams.

Average wait time: The restaurant is crowded around the clock, but turnover is quick. Find your own seats when you arrive and don’t be scared to rub elbows with your neighbors. It’s also self-service when it comes to food and tea, so you can eat at your own pace.

6. Yum Cha

Lastly, if you're after something out of the ordinary to show your friends and family back home, how about trying out some cartoon-faced dim sum? Think orange buns that ooze custard the moment you poke into it, adorable pig-shaped buns and sausage rolls in the shape of a dog, traditional favourites get a fantastic contemporary twist here at Yum Cha.

Average wait time: Yum Cha has outlets in both Kowloon and HK Island and they accept reservations. We suggest you booking well in advance so you don't miss out on a table!.