Hong Kong is a HUGE city. With so much to see and do, where should you start? Here are the top 10 things you must see and do to make sure you leave no stone unturned when visiting “Asia’s World City.”

1. Cross mountains on the Ngong Ping 360

The Ngong Ping 360 is a fantastic gondola ride that takes you on a breathtaking ride up and down the peaks and troughs of the lush green mountains of Lantau Island to the Po Lin Monasteryand the Tian Tan Buddha, both significant tourist attractions in their own right. If you’re feeling brave, the gondola also offers a “crystal” version which includes a see-through glass floor.

2. Visit the iconic Victoria Peak

Always mentioned, but never duplicated, “The Peak” requires no introduction. From The Peak, you’ll truly understand what it feels like to be “on top of the world.” Take the Peak Tram up - a ride that’s so steep it almost feels like it’s going straight up! Very close by are some nice short hikes around Victoria Peak, including the ever popular Morning Trail.

3. Enjoy delicious dim sum

Not all dim sum is created equal, especially in Hong Kong. Here you’ll find traditional establishments like Lin Heung Tea House that have a dim sum history of over 80 years! For foodies looking for something different, seek out Yum Cha, where the dim sum and custard buns are shaped like cute animals (making it tough to eat them) or fusion dim sum spots like Dim Sum Library, which offers a more international, luxurious take on the time-honoured classic.

4. Catch thrills at Disneyland Hong Kong or Ocean Park

Who doesn’t love a good theme park? Hong Kong’s Disneyland provides the beloved and magical Disney experience while you’re in town while Ocean Park features a fantastic aquarium and rides built in between (and some rides on top of) mountains with fantastic views of skyscrapers not too far in the distance. If you happen to be in Hong Kong over Halloween or Christmas, both parks offer special annual celebrations that are sure to be fun for the whole family.

5. Party at Lan Kwai Fong

For those of us who like to have a few drinks and party, Lan Kwai Fong is the ultimate international nightlife destination. Packed with over 200 bars and restaurants within a small neighbourhood, it’s almost impossible to know where the night will take you when you’re here - and that’s a good thing. Whether you’re looking to suit and dress up for a luxurious meal or dance until sunrise, Lan Kwai Fong’s got you covered.

6. Experience British tradition and some REALLY High Tea

Hong Kong’s fondness for all things British is still evident if you look at the city's love for afternoon tea. Without a doubt, The Lobby at The Peninsula Hong Kong, an attraction in and of itself, offers the most infamous tea experience known to both locals and travellers. If you’re looking for high tea in the literal sense, check out Café 103, which offers floor-to-ceiling window views 103 floors up in The Ritz-Carlton.

7. Visit one of Hong Kong’s many street markets

In Hong Kong, there’s a market for everything! Visit Ladies Market for some bargain souvenirs and the nearby Fa Yuen Street Market for all your on-point fashion needs. The Flower Market is always a sea of exotic blooms and Apliu Street Market is literally computer and gamer heaven. The Jade Market is worth checking out for some unique, traditional good luck jade charms, Tong Chong Street Market for some of the best international food fare this city has to offer and Temple Street for awesome local cuisine and authentic vibes.

8. Travel like a Hong Konger

With a British colonial past and the city being an island, transportation has evolved quite uniquely in Hong Kong. Ride on a double-decker bus here just like in the UK or take a heart-stopping minibus as it zips around town like a race car. If you’re short on cash, a tram ride will you around Hong Kong Island for under $3 HKD and a sampan ride or Star Ferry is guaranteed to be a memory and view of a lifetime.

9. Eat at a Dai Pai Dong

Dai pai dong literally means "restaurant with a big license plate," referring to the old government licenses that Hong Kong restaurateurs used to need to run an independent food stall outdoors with only their own foldable tables and chairs. Today, there are only 25 dai pai dong left in Hong Kong, meaning you should visit one while still you can. Order congee, tomato noodle soup, milk tea or toast with condensed milk or peanut butter and sit elbow to elbow with a local. I recommend Sing Kee and Sing Heung Yuen for something convenient to Central and tasty.

10. Hike Dragon’s Back

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, check out the Dragon’s Back hiking trail. Dragon’s Back is on many lists as one of Asia’s best hikes and once you get a look at its views, you’ll instantly understand why. Named because of the shape of the trail which crosses up and down many rolling ridges, it’s a moderate skill level hike that’s well worth the effort.