When people talk about Malaysia, more often than not the conversation always gravitates to our amazing food; and we have our diverse culture to thank that for. If you’re a foodie and would love to sample what the locals eat in Kuala Lumpur, here are nine of KL’s must-try local favourites and where you can find them.

Fish Head Curry

Fish head curry is one of those things Malaysians love but hardly talk about – but it deserves a lot more credit than it receives. Made with all the aromatic spices a curry has but with the fragrance of fish oils, fish head curry is best eaten with a hot plate of steamed rice and good company.

Try it at: Acapella Suite Hotel

Char Kway Teow

If you're in Malaysia and don’t get your serving of char kway teow, you are truly missing out on one of the most authentic local hawker experiences. Made with stringy rice noodles (sometimes mixed with egg noodles), fresh prawns, eggs and bean sprouts fried to charred perfection, char kway teow is a sinful delight at lunch time – but no guarantees you can stay awake after this hefty meal!

Try this at: Tiam Fatt Restaurant

Chilli Pan Mee

One of the newer staples to join the Malaysian cuisine family, chilli pan mee had its fair share of trendy moments when it used to be the “it” thing among youngsters. However, it has grown to become a familiar taste and comfort food for many. With minced meat, crispy shallots, a runny soft boiled egg, scallions, crispy anchovies and thin flour noodles, chilli pan mee is not chili pan mee without a helping of dried chili flakes for that spicy kick everybody loves!

Try this at: Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee

Ice Kacang

As you know, Malaysia is an incredibly humid country and some days the heat can be overwhelming. Fret not, because we have ice kacang. Ice kacang is basically a snow cone drizzled with evaporated milk and gula melaka (palm sugar), topped with corn, kidney beans, crushed peanuts and various jellies to add texture and sweetness – perfect for any hot day!

Try it at: Restoran Sri Melaka


Whether you like chicken, beef or lamb, meat skewered and barbequed over flaming hot charcoal is always a good idea. With sweet honey glaze and succulent meat dipped in spicy peanut sauce, satay is every Malaysian’s favourite side dish/appetizer. A definite must-try when in Kuala Lumpur!

Try it at: Pondok Satay

Chee Cheong Fun

The idea of sweet, dark sauce drizzled over thin rolls of rice noodles may come off as a strange concoction but don’t let its otherwise unassuming demeanour fool you. Chee cheong fun is one of Malaysia’s everyday fuss-free meals; we have it for breakfast, we have it for lunch, we have it at tea time, or any other time of the day. Sometimes you can have it plain and sometimes you can have it with curry or other various ingredients like stuffed chili, tofu skin, fried wantons and the list continues.

Try it at: Kim Lian Kee

Curry Laksa

If you love spicy food served in the form of warm soup and noodles, you are going to enjoy curry laksa. With many versions available but usually made with a rich, coconut milk curry broth with egg noodles and served with tofu, bean sprouts and chicken slices, curry laksa is best enjoyed with a cup of milky teh tarik for an added foodgasm.

Try this at: O&S Restaurant

Roti Canai

Whether you like plain roti canai, roti with egg, roti with Milo, roti with banana or roti with sugar, Malaysia’s got you covered with our huge variety of roti available at mamak (Indian Muslim) stalls everywhere. Normally served for breakfast or tea time, roti is also best eaten as a wholesome supper to end your night.

Try this at: Murni SS2

Nasi Lemak

Of course, the epitome of Malaysian cuisine is nasi lemak, one of our most famous local favourites that has won fans from all over the world. Imagine a plate of hot steamed rice infused with coconut milk served with sides of fried anchovies, peanuts, fried chicken, sambal and cooling slices of cucumber – irresistible!

Try it at: Village Park Restaurant