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Here at Travelog, we want to help travelers find the absolute best information about the cities they’re interested in. We know that nobody simply consults just one source anymore, so we’re collected the best content from every city, whether it’s from an international publication (Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler), local magazines (Sassy Hong Kong, Smart Shanghai) or the local bloggers and key opinion leaders who live and breathe their city.

We provide our partners additional distribution and the chance to be seen alongside other top-notch media outlets. You will get full credit for any traffic our site brings you.

Think of us like another social media channel—we refer you the traffic and we want to help you grow.

Partner with Us!


How will you present my content?
Your content will be presented exactly as it is on your site, with a top and bottom Travelog navigation bar. Travelog does not make any changes to your site and content.

Do I get credit for clicks?
Yes! You’ll get credit for a click every time someone opens your article on Travelog. This additional traffic can be tracked through Google Analytics and similar tools. We are here to help you grow, not to steal traffic.

How do I track the traffic you bring me?
On Google Analytics and similar tracking tools, Travelog will show up as a referring source, just as Facebook and Twitter do.

How much traffic will I get?
It depends. Not all articles generate the same amount of traffic. We do push select articles using our e-newsletters and our own social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and WeChat. In the past, we have sent partner websites up to 30,000 clicks per article!

Will this affect my website in any way?
We will bring you more traffic! Nothing else is affected. Travelog simply refers traffic to your website as it currently exists, so your content, site and SEO will be unaffected. We are not copying or hosting anything that belongs to you.

Will you pay me for my content?
We pay in clicks! Our goal is to provide you visibility and traffic. We strongly believe that this is the best way for us to grow together.

I don’t have a blog. Can I still contribute?
Yes! We are always looking for talented writers throughout Asia. To contribute, contact our editorial team.

How do you select your partners?
We work one-to-one with publishers and do our best to find and curate the best content in every city. Not all articles or websites will qualify. Before approving you as a verified source, we vet your website to ensure that it meets our technical and editorial specifications.

How do I join!?
Email us!