While Christmas is more of a couples holiday here than a family celebration, that doesn’t stop Seoul from pulling out all the stops to decorate for the season! On top of light displays and ice rinks dotting the city, here are a number of cafes that will get you into the holiday spirit - stat!

1. All That Sweets

This is hands down my favorite cafe for holiday themed desserts. Here, you can enjoy their Christmas latte, with a mountain of homemade whipped cream or you can try their Tree Latte with green food colouring, small cookie ornaments and white chocolate tinsel.

If you’re looking for something to pair with the cafe’s freshly made Christmas themed cakes and macarons, you can’t go wrong with the Snow Latte which has similar ingredients and is equally stunning.

Need directions to one of Seoul's best kept secrets? All That Sweets is located right outside Namseong Station exit 1!

2. Mo Betta Blues

This quiet cafe near Hyehwa in Seoul offers a variety of lattes and cakes year-round, but their colorful Christmas latte is sure to get you into the holiday spirit. This latte is topped with whipped cream and covered in rainbow sprinkles to look like small Christmas tree decorations.

The cafe owners also go to great lengths to get their customers into the holiday mood and, by early November, you can expect the entire cafe to be decked out with Christmas decorations.

3. Yogerpresso

This cafe chain is well known for its wild drinks like lattes topped with caramel popcorn and brownie bites. But for Christmas, they tone it down a notch and make a simple and sweet holiday latte. Be sure to check out their version of a Christmas latte which is a delicious mint chocolate drink, with a stencil dusting on top in the shape of a Christmas tree.

You can find Yogerpresso locations all over Seoul and each of these stores will carry this delightful treat!

4. Glamorous Penguin

How can you not love a cafe called Glamorous Penguin? This charming dessert shop near Itaewon loves to get into the holiday spirit with their cookies, cakes, and drinks.

You have many options with their Christmas menu including a hot chocolate with homemade snowman marshmallows or a latte with festive rainbow sprinkles on top.

While you’re there, do have a sample of their Christmas cakes which feature Santa and Rudolph!

5. Starbucks

We all know Starbucks offers some tasty seasonal drinks, and winter is one of my favorites for their ever-changing menu. This holiday season, Korean Starbucks will be offering both new comers and old favorites.

Popular items like Toffee Nut Latte are sure to be a hit this Christmas but be adventurous and give their Santa Hat Dark Mocha and Merry White Dolce Latte a go!

6. Laduree

The famous Parisienne bakery has set up shop here in Seoul, serving up delicious treats from their famed macarons to cakes. They even serve an entire brunch set!

During the holidays, their cafe whips up some gorgeous drinks to sip alongside their baked goods. Keep your eyes peeled for a mint green latte sprinkled with red sugar, a smooth white mocha, and their traditional hot chocolate!

7. Paris Baguette

While the quality of Paris Baguette’s coffee is comparable to its price (cheap), their hot chocolate and holiday mugs sure make up for it. Grab a Santa to-go cup and sip on a hot chocolate, a mocha, or a hot citrus tea to send the chilly weather away!

Paris Baguette also offers various holiday themed desserts ranging from cakes to cookies to various puff pastries.

Paris Baguette can be found all over Seoul. It’s literally on every corner!

8. Holly’s Coffee

This affordable chain of cafes is already whipping up their famous Christmas lattes. Popular choices include a mint chocolate Christmas tree latte, a gingerbread latte, and a classic hot chocolate covered in whipped cream.

The Christmas tree and gingerbread lattes are also decorated with adorable stencil art and are perfect for welcoming the holiday season.

9. Chaebing

This small coffee shop in Hongdae offers tons of Christmas options, along with an inviting atmosphere complete with a Christmas tree, lights, and carols. Their reindeer cappuccino and green tea latte are dressed for the season and are perfect on a chilly day.

Looking for something sweeter? Try their mile-high bingsu desserts that made the cafe so famous. They make an incredible Christmas Tree bingsu during this special season, so don’t miss out!

10. Angel-In-Us

Our final latte comes from another well-known chain in Korea, Angel-In-Us. Their winter menu includes a local favorite, the white mint chocolate latte, which is great when paired with one of their many toast offerings. Topped with whipped cream, red and gold sprinkles, and a small white chocolate Christmas tree, this drink will warm you right up.

This cafe can also be found all over Seoul and offers plenty of other food and drinks if you're looking for more variety.