October is always a busy month in Korea, with a bunch of holidays and festivities packed together in a short amount of time. There’s always lots of food, music, and seeing old friends during this season, and Seoul has all the events you need to make that happen for you too this year!

October 5 - 7 | Suwon Fortress Cultural Festival

Just outside of Seoul, the city of Suwon holds plenty of exciting historical sites to explore. One of its most famous is its Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site. All year round there are festivals next to the fortress, but October’s festival is one of the biggest and brightest. There will be martial arts performances, costume contests, lantern displays, and music galore! Admission is free and the festival is accessible by Seoul subway and bus. Check the website for more details.

October 6 | Off Route Festival

Fans of the Korean hip hop scene need to get their hands on a ticket to Off Route Festival this year! The line up boasts legends like Dok2, Jay Park, Loco, and Simon Dominic, along with a long list of rising stars on the scene. Tickets are only available on the Korean version of Interpark, but its all general admission so you don’t need to stress about seating. The festival takes place at Nanji Hangang Park so you can take in the crisp autumn breeze while jamming to your favorites.

October 6 | International Fireworks Festival

The annual International Fireworks Festival here in Seoul marks the official end of summer by inviting millions of locals and visitors alike to have one last picnic by the Han River and say hello to autumn. Street food vendors and artists will be out in full force! Be warned, while this event is beautiful and lots of fun, it is also incredibly crowded. You might have to walk a few stations over or wait for a few filled buses to pass you before you can get a ride home. If you’re okay to miss the finale, I’d suggest leaving more than a few minutes early to beat the crowd.

October 6 - 7 | Seoul Forest Jazz Festival

During the first weekend in October, you can explore Seoul Forest in the perfect autumn weather while surrounded by some of the best jazz musicians in the country as your background music. Sounds magical right? It’s all because of the Seoul Forest Jazz Festival. The line up has great acts such as Peters Evans & Lee Sunjae Trio, John Park, and Choi Sunbae, and tickets are still available! Don’t miss a gorgeous day of music and nature.

Until October 9 | Goyang Autumn Flower Festival

Just north of Seoul lies the city of Goyang and its incredible Ilsan Lake Park. Every October they hold a huge festival dedicated to autumn flowers. There are green houses filled with exhibits, great photo booths and sets for family memories, and fields upon fields of flowers to enjoy. Along with food and music, this is an event that will put you in the mood for the season and you don’t want to miss it! There’s even a section of jack-o-lanterns for those who love Halloween! More info here.

October 9 | Sam Smith Live in Seoul

Sam Smith fans around the world were happy to see him finally release his sophomore album last year following his amazing debut success. He then embarked on a successful world tour that is making its way over to Korea this month! He has a huge fan base here in Seoul so the show is bound to be an amazing one. As of writing this, there are a little over 20 seats available so be sure to grab your tickets while you can!

October 25 | Khalid Live in Seoul

Khalid’s debut album burst onto the scene last year and took the world by storm. His mix of genres created a new sound that captured hearts all around the world, Korea included. His American Teen Tour has brought him all over the world for sold out show after sold out show. As of writing this, his show is sold out, but be sure to check reselling sites to get your hands on some seats, as this is sure to be an amazing show.