For most Seoulites, April is one of the highest anticipated months of all. Signaling the end of winter and the beginning of the festival season and staying out late, April is the perfect time to be in Seoul. Check out the list of events below to find out how to get tons of free coffee, stroll under the cherry blossoms, and visit a traditional lantern festival!

April 1-9 | Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

Yeouido Park is famous for its thousands of cherry blossoms lining the streets this time of year. With street vendors and musicians everywhere you turn, the air is filled with amazing sounds and smells. After viewing the cherry blossoms, you can head down towards the river where there will be thousands of locals picnicking, riding bikes, and enjoying the spring weather. Prepare for crowds, though! This only happens once a year and each year attendance numbers reach the millions.

March 31- April 9 | Seoul Motor Show

Seoul’s latest motor show will take place at Kintex Exhibit Hall on the first week of April. With tickets at only around $9 USD per person, this is a show car buffs have no excuse to not visit. There will be tons of exhibitors, and the website boasts that there will be about 300 automobiles including 2 World Premiere Cars, 18 Asian Premiere (include 3 concept cars), and 22 Korea Premiere (include 2 concept cars). For more information you can check out their English website.

Starting April 4 | Dream Girls The Musical

This hit musical was all the rage in America when it debuted, focusing on ground breaking R&B artists like The Supremes, James Brown, and many more. The musical, which is also a film staring Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson, follows a young female singing trio much like the Supremes, called "The Dreams.” The audience will follow these women on the rise to stardom and the music is unbeatable. This production here in Seoul will feature an American cast! Get your tickets here!

April 6-9 | Seoul Coffee Expo

Attention coffee addicts, this month Seoul has a dreamy event just for you! Coffee Expo Seoul will feature over 500 exhibitors from around the world and the exhibits will include anything from coffee equipment to accessories and baked goods. This will all take place in COEX Exhibit Hall which hosts numerous events all year round. Last year’s Coffee Expo was a great success and this year looks even better, plus it’s completely free to visitors if you RSVP online on their website!

April 15-16 | Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams Tour

Coldplay is back and tourists and locals alike are over the moon about it. Tickets to this event sold out in less than 24 hours, but if you’re lucky you might be able to find a few tickets the day before as people cancel due to last minute plans. Coldplay will be playing two nights in Olympic Park and the show is sure to be amazing. If nothing else, stop by the arena to check out the merchandise and energy!

April 28-30 | Lotus Lantern Festival

Each year this festival gets more and more incredible. What was once a modest festival displaying traditional lanterns in central Seoul has now become a huge event featuring modern lanterns shaped like Pororo, robots, and even more! The festival is stunning at any time of day, but for the full effect, I suggest visiting after sunset when all the lanterns are illuminated. Stroll along the Cheonggyecheon Stream, grab some street food, and enjoy the festivals that is a local favorite. For more information, check out the official website for the festival.