This January, Seoul is ready to help you fight off that bitter Winter chill with everything from rollercoasters to Kpop. Prepare to start the new year at full force, because this month will be a nonstop party!

January 7-8 | Big Bang Live in Seoul

Undoutedly the kings of Kpop, a Big Bang concert is about as loud and colorful as you can get here in Korea’s cold harsh winter. This five-piece group have been the trend setters of the Kpop world for over a decade, and they are due to serve their mandatory military service soon. That means that these concerts will be absolutely epic since no one knows when or even if they will ever perform as a group again. You simply cannot miss this opportunity to see them live. Get you tickets here ASAP before they’re all gone.

January 8 | Clean Bandit Live in Seoul

Remember that one song, ‘Rather Be,’ that you couldn’t get out of your head a few years ago? Well, the group behind it will be in Seoul for one night only! Since their rise to stardom with ‘Rather Be,’ Clean Bandit has been pumping out hit after hit and are sure to put on a great show. Grab your tickets at Fake Virgin now, and bring your dancing shoes!

January 11 | Metallica Live in Seoul

Yes, you are reading that correctly - Metallica is coming to Seoul! Just a few days after Big Bang tear up the stage, Metallica arrives to show the kids how it is done. Tickets are limited to four per order, and with this once in a lifetime chance to see Metallica live in Seoul, you’d better run over to Interpark fast to grab your seats.

January 27-30 | Lunar New Year

Usually falling in February, the Lunar New Year arrives early this year! This is a time for most Koreans to return to their family home to celebrate the new year, meaning traffic out of Seoul might be troublesome and a few establishments might close. In particular, smaller, family run stores and cafes may close during this holiday.

So what can you get up to during this time over the year? Most Korean sites such as museums, the palaces, and most major shopping centers (eg. COEX Mall) will stay open. We recommend that you take the Lunar New Year as an opportunity to leisurely view the Gyeongbokgung Palace with less crowds!

Through January | The Rink at Grand Hyatt

You probably won’t find a skating rink with a better view than this one! Located at the foot of Namsan, this stunning ice rink is lined with illuminated trees and offers a view of N Seoul Tower above, and the sprawling city of Seoul below. Even if you don’t want to skate, grab a hot chocolate by the rink and enjoy the magical atmosphere.

Through January | Everland's Romantic Illumination

Just a subway ride out of Seoul lies one of Korea’s most beloved theme parks: Everland. A combination of zoo and amusement park, this place is a favorite for families, friends, and lovers. Spend the day on the rollercoasters and rides, but save the night for the “Romantic Illumination” event. All through winter, the park is lit with millions of tiny lights covering every inch of the park. There's also a special lights parade that you should check out!

This tiny getaway is a great idea for any traveler. But be warned, the park will most definitely be filled with young couples on awkward first dates.