March is a great time of year to visit Seoul as the cold weather fades and the streets become more lively again. This month is all about history, international art, and a bit of music in between. The entire country is also awaiting the cherry blossoms that should bloom at the end of the month!

March 1 | Independence Day

March 1 is a very important day in Korea, and it is a national holiday. Along with mass demonstrations known as the March 1st Movement, leading activists read their declaration of independence from Japanese rule on this day in 1919. In Tapgol Park in Seoul, the document is read aloud here just as it was nearly 100 years ago during the memorial service held on Independence Day. There is an English copy of the declaration near the park entrance for non-Korean speakers.

March 3 | 2PM Live in Seoul

The iconic boy band, 2PM, will be performing live in Seoul at the Olympic Handball Stadium. They are absolute legends, so tickets are selling out fast. At the time of writing this there are only 14 seats left on March 3, though you might have luck on Stubhub or Twitter if you can have a Korean-speaking friend help you!

Until March 26 | ‘Father of Architecture’ Le Corbusier Exhibition

Le Corbusier is one of the most famous architects of all time. It is fitting then that the largest Le Corbusier Exhibit ever, displayed for a short time here in Seoul, is called ‘The Father of Architecture.’ Celebrating the addition of 17 of his creations into the UNESCO World Heritage List, this is a must see for architecture and design gurus. More information can be found here.

Until March 26 | Renoir: Images of Women Exhibition

Seoul’s Museum of Art (SeMA) is located at the heart of the city, right next to City Hall. With its new exhibit, though, you will be transported to France at the height of impressionism. Through SeMA’s gorgeous exhibit, visitors can explore Renoir’s portrayal of women is a stunning way. This is just one more reason that any art lover needs a stop at SeMA on their to-do list. More information can be found here.

Until April 16 | Davinci Codex

Located just next to Seoul Station, Culture Station 284 houses art exhibits that always go above and beyond. Currently, the museum is showcasing DaVinci in a way you have never seen before. Rather than focusing on his traditional art mediums such as painting, this exhibit explores his inventions, his dreams, and his mind. Interactive and thought-provoking, this exhibition is truly one of a kind! Find more info here.