Everything you need to know for a trip to the city that's at the center of the Hallyu Wave

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A Haiku about Seoul

Natural landscapes

Upbeat entertainment scene

An urban city

Speak Like A Local

Locals speak Korean, with some speaking English.

Chat Like A Local

The most popular messaging app in South Korea is KakaoTalk.

All About That Cash

The official currency is the Korean won (₩ or KRW, ~₩1,200 = US$1).

Best Time to Visit

September to November for mild autumn weather, April to May for the spring cherry blossoms. Summer months are hot with a chance of heavy monsoon rains. Winters are cold and usually snowy.

Is It Safe?


One Crazy Fact

You’re a year older in South Korea, as they count a person’s age as one year old from birth.

Main Districts

- Myeongdong: Known for the many attractions in the heart of the city.

- Gangnam: Home to many entertainment companies and record labels and lots of shopping.

- Itaewon: Popular for the nightlife and shopping spots, and is perhaps the area with the most cultural diversity in Seoul, with diverse nationalities and cuisines.

- Hongdae: The university district to experience the youth culture.

- Dongdaemun: Known for the large traditional markets and romantic parks.

Seoul’s Highest Tower

Namsan Tower marks the highest point in the city at 236m. Head up to the observation deck for a bird’s eye view of Seoul.

Getting In and Out

The city’s newer airport, the Incheon Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. The older Gimpo Airport is more centrally located and caters mainly to domestic fliers.

Travelling from Incheon Airport to the city: 

- By bus: Check the buses and routes here. For shorter travelling time, travel by the limousine buses.

- By train: To get to Seoul Station, use the Airport Rail Service (AREX). Taking the express train costs ₩13,300, while the commuter train costs ₩3,700.

- By taxi: Get a taxi at the arrival gates. A trip to the city takes about an hour, with an estimated cost of ₩60,000-100,000 won.

- By car: Rent-a-car services can be found near exits 2 and 13 at the arrivals floor.

Travelling from Gimpo Airport to the city: 

- By bus: Check the buses and fares to get to your location here.

- By train: Get to the Gimpo International Airport Station of the subway through the underground passageway. A trip to downtown areas take around 20 minutes.

- By taxi 

Getting Around

Common forms of transportation include:

- Walking

- Bus: Buses are convenient way to travel in Seoul. Learn about the different bus types here.

- Subway: Download the Subway Korea app to search for the shortest route to your destination, calculate your fare and other details.

- Taxi: Every taxi has a “free interpretation service” where you can connect to a call centre that will translate English, Japanese and Chinese to communicate your destination to the driver. For the full list of taxi types, check here.