Shanghai is one of Asia's shopping Meccas: a feast for the eyes and a disaster-in-waiting for your wallet. But if you're in Shanghai to shop, here are five spots you can't afford to miss.

1. Nanjing East Road

Shanghai's famous Nanjing Road is actually split into two parts: Nanjing West Road is Shanghai's Fifth Avenue, while Nanjing East Road is a pedestrian thoroughfare more like Times Square.

They're both worth visiting but vastly different: hawkers loiter under Nanjing East's neon lights while Nanjing West is home to ritzy malls filled with an endless stream of the world's most exclusive brands.

They're connected in the middle by People's Park and People's Square, one of the city's central Metro stops.

2. Huaihai Road

Similar to Nanjing Road, there's a mixture of bigger department stores and international brand names on Huaihai Road. Smaller stores with more boutique selections down side streets are also available if you're looking for one-of-a-kind pieces. If you get hungry while shopping, just pop by one of the cafes or restaurants along the road for a bite! The street features buildings with beautiful Colonial-era architecture as well.

3. Yuyuan Market

Next to the popular attraction Yuyuan Garden is Yuyuan Market (also known as Yuyuan Bazaar). Here you’ll find a variety of local crafts, jade sculptures, antiques and souvenirs befitting of the historical district that is representative of olden-day Shanghai. Plus, you can get some of the best steamed dumplings that Shanghai is known for at Yuyuan Market - that should be reason enough to visit!

4. Fuzhou Road

The former home of Shanghai's publishing industry, Fuzhou Road houses an endless array of bookstores and stationery shops. The bookstores themselves tend to be newer as portrayed in by the multi-level, glass-walled Xinhua Books but the dusty brush and notebook shops are also present, offering everything you need to start your own calligraphy or print shop!

5. South Bund Fabric Market

If you would like to get some tailor-made clothes, this is probably the best fabric market that Shanghai has on offer. The South Bund Fabric Market have Chinese silk, Thai silk, cotton, linen, wool, cashmere and more, along with many personal tailors there too. So drop by and get a custom-made outfit with your favourite fabrics!