Whether it's for Valentine's Day or just a weekend away, we guarantee these hotels will set the mood for an unforgettable stay

1. The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore is one of the most luxurious and romantic options in Singapore. Filled with impeccable Oriental-inspired architecture, it also boasts an art gallery showcasing works from Andy Warhol and Dale Chihuly.

But what truly stands out at the Ritz are their upscale guestrooms, each featuring incredible views of the bay. Nothing spells romance more than a panoramic view of Singapore’s grand skyline.

2. The Scarlet Hotel

Made with a dash of sexy vibes and a heaping tablespoon of seduction, The Scarlet is the epitome of pleasure. Located in an original 1924 Art Deco building, The Scarlet retained and restored most of its detailing. It adds an alluring touch to the hotel, creating the perfect mood for couples to enjoy.

Most of the rooms here are furnished with a variety of textures and intricately upholstered headboards and themed around dark jewel tones for a classy and sultry stay.

3. Hotel Fort Canning

What was once a military base during World War II has now been transformed into one of Singapore’s most luxurious and romantic hotels. With its large columned facade, Hotel Fort Canning brings a vintage charm while imbuing it with more modern vibes.

Furnished with plush beds, fluffy pillows and luxurious tapestries, Hotel Fort Canning’s bedrooms also feature a private, open bathtub, heightening the senses for lovebirds and inviting them for a treat.

4. Naumi Hotel

Naumi is notorious for its minimalist style and trendy design, making it perfect for the design conscious couple. Naumi is not your average boutique hotel: instead of quirky artistic pieces, it has a quiet glamour and is decked out with sophisticated furnishings and cutting-edge features.

Every room features an Apple TV as well as state-of-the-art glass windows that frost up at the touch of a button; if those don't keep you entertained, Nintendo Wiis and Xboxes can be borrowed from the front desk.

Naumi's rooms are designed around earthy hues and crisp interiors for a soft, relaxed vibe all couples will love snuggling into.

5. Marina Bay Sands

Modern and extravagant, Marina Bay Sands is now the face of Singapore as an iconic contributor to the city's unique skyline. Overlooking the body of water from which it takes its name, Marina Bay Sands is famously known for its Skypark and a gorgeous 500-foot-long infinity pool - the ideal place for you and your loved one to lounge and watch the sunset.

Their guestrooms are brimming with grandeur, and their suites complete with ceiling-to-floor windows for spectacular views of the bay. More "basic" luxuries include large bathtubs and marble finishings; some rooms even come with your own private massage room, spa room or pool table.

It's guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.