Breakfast in Taipei starts in the early hours as vendors set up stalls and line the markets. As with any meal in Taiwan, the options are endless, featuring both classical dishes (usually fried) or local takes on Western cuisine. Don't know where to start? Read on for our top recommendations. 

1. Fried Egg Pancake

Fried egg pancakes are just one of those Taiwanese breakfast staples that pretty much every breakfast store sells. At anything between NTD$30-­$70, they're certainly affordable! Often found stuffed with bacon, cheese, potato salad, tuna or corn, these pancakes have something for everyone.

We suggest ordering some egg pancakes at LOCO Food in the Zhongshan District; make sure to try their tuna fried egg pancake!

2. Rice Roll

Rice, for breakfast? Yeah, that's happening. To your average Westerner, rice isn't something consumed first thing in the morning, but here, rice is a staple fixture for breakfast. Taiwanese rice rolls can have sweet or savoury fillings ranging from pork floss to stewed eggs.

Get your morning burst of carbs at Liu Mama Rice Roll (劉媽媽飯糰), where they even sell a very healthy, purple rice roll!

3. Steamed Bun

When we talk about steamed buns, there are a whole host of different flavors that you can try but the most popular one by far is the pork bun. You can buy these from 7­-11 for around NTD$30 or order them at smaller Taiwanese breakfast stores as well. You can even get one that doesn't have meat inside (饅頭); tip - ask the vendor to fry an egg and put it inside for you. It's one of our favourite ways to start the day!

4. Soy Milk

Soy milk is the ultimate drink of choice for your Taiwanese breakfast. Made from grinding dried soybeans in water, you can have your sweet soy milk hot or cold in the morning.

Our recommendation fully goes to YongHe Soy Milk Magnate. Day or night, this place is booming all around the clock. For the seasoned soy milk drinker, go for the unsweetened one, but for the first-time drinker, we think the best way to start is cold and sugary.

5. Breakfast Sandwiches

Taiwanese people love a good sandwich - with their own twist. For something different, try Shang Shan Cai Mi (上山採覓) up in the Zhongshan District of Taipei near SongShan airport. There, bread is toasted over coals before being filled with pork floss and fried egg. They also roast their tea over the coals and make a mean latte to kick off your morning, too.

6. Fried Radish Cake

The Daikon radish is ever present in Asian dishes and one of the best ways to have it for breakfast is in the form of a pan-fried cake. Also very popular in Cantonese style Dim Sum, the radish is first processed into a paste with bacon pieces before being fried on a hot plate, and served with a fried egg on top.

Each breakfast place does theirs slightly differently, but Tim Ho Wan would be a great option, as theirs is wonderfully crispy!

7. Fried Dough Sticks

These dough sticks are fried fresh, and are either eaten on their own or dunked into your morning soy milk. They can also be placed inside a toasted flatbread pastry (燒餅) and eaten like a sandwich - we're salivating just thinking about it!

We recommend the infamous FuHang Soy Milk (阜杭豆漿), but be prepared to wait, as this place gets very busy!