Looking for a cafe that perfectly suits your mood? You're sure to find one here.

Head here for impressive interiors

Cafe Junkies

Some places have it all, both looks and substance. A cafe which boasts both dreamy interiors and delicious coffee is just the fix for those wanting to invest in some quality down time. If you’re anything like us, you will have trouble not gawking at the edgy, industrial-esque interiors of Café Junkies.

The Lobby of Simple Kaffa

On the other end of the spectrum, a gaze upon the striking wall of purple flowers which engulfs the exterior of The Lobby of Simple Kaffa will have you enchanted with this delightfully chic upscale cafe. It also offers gorgeously presented original drinks and house-made cakes.

Paper St.

Seemingly out of place among the local eateries in front of Huashan Creative Park lies Paper Street. The cafe on the corner impresses with a simple coffee menu that covers all the classics and a sleek, minimalist interior design.

Head here for strong and free Wi-Fi

Notch Coffee

The rumors are true -the golden trifecta of excellent coffee, relaxed surrounds and free, reliable Wi-Fi does exist. We must admit we’re a bit reluctant to give you the low-down on NOTCH, lest the secret get out of about this homey cafe. All drinks are considerably affordable, sockets and seating galore and there's no service charge.

Modern Mode

Stylish French cafe Modern Mode is another upstanding example of a cafe doing right by their customers by providing free Wi-Fi, sockets and no time limit. Head in and leisurely enjoy their devilishly good handmade tiramisu biscuits and Irish coffee.


Night owls should veer towards YABOO, just off the tourist mecca Yong Kang Street. The Wi-Fi-friendly cafe opens ‘til midnight every night and has a delightful menu for the peckish.

Head here for a date with your favourite book

Picnic Cafe

We can see why Picnic Cafe is a hit with the students: rich roasted coffee, a comfortable and simple seating plan and the call of quiche and scones will keep you sustained.

Imperfect Café

A warning: at the popular but impossibly quiet Imperfect Cafe you’ll confront two major distractions. You won't be able to help yourself from oogling the oh-so-cool interiors and feasting on the bountiful and affordable bagel set lunches.

Eslite Café

Pro tip: Need to “take the night train” (開夜車, “burn the midnight oil” in Chinese)? Eslite Café, located in the Dunhua branch of everyone’s favourite 24 hour book-cum-variety store, Eslite, is open 24 hours from Sunday to Thursday, and until 2am on Friday and Saturday.

Head here for a good cup of coffee


With a slew of awards to their name, GABEE can claim to be up there with the best. But you’ll have to try their aromatic and smooth blends for yourself to appreciate just how on point their coffee game is.

Rufous Coffee

At Rufous Coffee you can trust the talented baristas to flawlessly brew each and every offering on their extensive menu of expresso-based, alcoholic and cold, syphon and manual drip coffees.