Making your way to Taipei with your partner and super determined to show them a good time? Follow our guide for the best places to take your loved one for a truly special time!

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

If your partner is the creative type, take them to the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park which offers several unique activities perfect for striking up meaningful conversation. On almost any day, there are 2-3 exhibits open to the public, ranging from art to photography to design. Behind the restaurants and creative shops, there's a pond and patio area perfect for some quality time. The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park is accessible by walking 10-15 minutes from Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall MRT station.

Lovers' Bridge in Tamsui

Want a great photo opportunity and an unforgettable sunset? Head over to Lovers’ Bridge at the end of the Tamsui Pier for this stunning white bridge. On one side of the bridge is a wooden boardwalk, as well as seafood restaurants perfect for dinner. Stroll to the top of the bridge for great seaside photos and dreamy views, or continue over the bridge in search of the heart-shaped red statue made for lovers.

Miramar Ferris Wheel

Located on the top of the Miramar Entertainment Park in the Dazhi area of the Zhongshan District, the Miramar Ferris Wheel is a great way to take your romantic night out in Taipei to new heights. The Ferris Wheel offers stunning city and mountain views. While the rotation only takes about 20 minutes, you're guaranteed to feel so much more connected with each other and Taipei. After finishing the ride, the Miramar Entertainment Park is filled with restaurants, stores, an IMAX theater, and an arcade area for a date lasting long into the night.

Ounce Taipei

Really impress your partner with some tailor made cocktails at Ounce Taipei, the perfect location for after dinner drinks. Tucked away in the back room of a coffee shop, Ounce Taipei strives to bring international-worthy cocktails to the Taipei mixology scene while providing a traditional speakeasy environment. This ambience is best described as chic and cosy - the perfect atmosphere to enjoy each other's company.

Strawberry Picking in Neihu

If you happen to be in Taipei during December to early May, you'll be able to take part in strawberry season happening all over Taiwan. There are several strawberry-picking venues where you can spend the day getting up close with nature, but the Neihu District offers up these sweet little berries just a taxi ride up the mountain from Neihu MRT station. Call ahead and reserve your spot for a chance to pick your own delicious strawberries and enjoy them right there at the farm after your hard work.