Only two more months left to go for the year. Let’s make them count!

November 1 | GastroMonth

The first Taipei Michelin Guide was released back in March and next month the Michelin Guide will be launching a Gastro “Michelin” Month. For the month of November, nearly 20 participating restaurants will feature a limited menu for GastroMonth. The main theme will be “Re-interpreting Classics” as the head chefs each pay homage to classic cuisine by giving it an unique twist. Restaurants including Chou Chou, Kitcho, Ryugin, and Ya Ge will be part of this event. For lunch and dinner reservations see here.

November 10 | Arcadia Taiwan - Final Landing

The famous mechanical spider is back at Dajia Riverside. “With the city’s futuristic skyline glittering in the background, a wave of multi sensory mayhem is set to ignite as thousands of Taiwanese make the Arcadia landscape their own.” Aly & Fila, Zomboy, Mija, VINAI, and Showtek will be playing the Arcadia stage. But besides the Arcadia Spider, there will also a special stage for elrow - known for their crazy and colorful parties and fiestas by creating unique music and entertainment experiences. This is one Arcadia event you do not want to miss. Get your tickets at KKTIX and FamilyMart.

November 10 | CraftCon

One of Taiwan’s biggest international craft beer festivals is happening next month in XiMenDing. With over 20 international craft beer breweries and hundreds of amazing beers to try, this year’s two day festival is going to be worth checking out. CraftCon Asia has also created two collaboration beers across eight different breweries just for this event. Breweries include: Heart of Darkness, Evil Twin, Rogue, Paulener, Sierra Nevada, Brewdog, and many, many more. Tickets here.

November 14 | Cigarettes After Sex 2018 Live in Taipei

The band who was first featured on The Handmaid’s Tale, with lead Greg Gonzalez’s dreamy and tender vocals, is coming to Taipei next month as a part of their Asia Tour. Tickets are already running out so get yours here.

November 15 -18 | Pop Up Asia

The annual Pop Up Asia event is back at Songshan Cultural Creative Park. Spanning over three warehouse spaces, the event will feature over 300 craft shops of handmade goods from 20 different cities in Asia, including Bangkok, Siem Reap, Jakarta, and Seoul. If you love handcrafted goods then be sure to come check this out!

November 17 | Guns N’ Roses Live in Taipei

Axl Rose and his gang are stopping by Taiwan on their Not In This Lifetime Tour. They will be playing at Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium so be sure to go if you want to catch them while they’re in Asia! Tickets here.

November 21| Four Tet Live 2018 in Taipei

Kiernan Hebden, better known as Four Tet, has remixed tracks by Aphex Twins, Explosions in the Sky, Eric Prydz, and Radiohead. His experimental music and improvisational works has led him to a recent collaboration with Thom Yorke. Catch him when he plays at The Wall next month.

November 24 | Hidden Floor House/Techno Party

Located on the basement level of Another Brick, Hidden Floor is actually a music venue that will feature a house/techno night this November. Featuring Fabio River and Gnome Chompski back to back, it’s free entry before 22:00! Come check out this cool space underneath a favorite local go-to bar.

November 24 | Extra Festival

This two-day festival is set on the beaches next to Baisha Bay, the festival ground located on a peninsula closed off from the rest of the world. Come for a weekend getaway and listen to Taiwan’s electronic music against the lulling sounds of the ocean. Camping and festival tickets here.