Get ready to head out as an array of exciting events -- Europe fair, food and music festival, concerts and even a vegan carnival --  fill Taipei's calendar this May! 

May 6-7 | 2017 Europe Fair

Europeans have a reputation for enjoying the finer things in life, and their very own fair here in Taipei is no exception. The Europe Fair marks the birth date of the European Union, so think of it as a giant birthday party for the EU. There, in the words of Madeleine Majorenko, the head of the European Economic and Trade Office, you will be able to “taste Europe, drink Europe, listen to Europe, and experience our European diversity for yourself.” The event will be held in Chianti Avenue Plaza, the open-space area in between Xinyi’s Mitsukoshi and Song Gao department stores. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

May 14 | Latin American Food & Music Festival in Taipei

Authentic, mouth-watering Latin cuisine is the name of the game at the Latin American Food & Music Festival. Well, that and some solid beats. However, you won’t just find Latin food and music at this ever-popular festival held annually at Taipei Artist Village. This year, the event will be more focused on “Latino Fusion”, a nod to the influence of French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese Cuisine in Latin America. Over the five years it has been held, the festival has built up quite the reputation to draw a crowd, so make like a pro and head in early to beat the lines. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

May 18 | Crystal Castles Live in Taipei

Seeing Crystal Castles live is something every electro-nut must experience at least once. Lucky for you, the Canadian electronica group are coming to Taipei for one grand night to promote last year’s album drop, Amnesty (I). It’s their first album and tour since vocalist Alice Glass’ departure, but that hasn’t stopped the group from putting on their signature brand of wondrously chaotic live shows. Tickets can be bought now or on the night at The Wall.

May 20 | Eat For Love - Summer Charity Vegan Fair

A PSA to the vegans of Taipei: a huge vegan food festival will be held this month on May 20th. Combining “cuisine, compassion, and charity into one amazing day,” the fair gives you the perfect excuse to chow down some delicious vegan morsels, all the while doing your bit to give back. While the event will once again support World Wide Vegan Sale, an international event which helps local charity groups promoting veganism and animal welfare, the Vegan Fair will for the first time feature savory foods as well. Give a memo to all your local vegan friends – this is an event they only dreamed would ever happen in Taipei. Get more information on their Facebook event page here.

May 28-30 | Taipei Dragon Boat Festival

There are many dragon boat festivals the world over, but Taipei’s has the draw card of including the largest scale dragon boat competition in Asia. Cheer on the country’s most elite teams by making your way to Dajia Riverside Park later this month. If you’re eager to get in on the action yourself, why not take up the offer of some dragon boat training there? Alternatively, you can partake in traditional dragon boat festival activities like rice dumpling making and the egg-balancing contest. To know more about the Taipei Dragon Boat Festival, check out their site.