There'll be plenty to do in Taipei this month! Frpm indoor and outdoors fun, take your pick from these exciting events.

September 1-17 | Taipei Arts Festival

This is the last month to catch the creative explosion of music, dance, drama, and multimedia theatre otherwise known as the Taipei Arts Festival. The theme for this 19th instalment of the festival is ‘The City and Its Future’, so expect a strong emphasis on performances that “explore the topics of history, philosophy, life and ethnicity.” There are still nine performances to catch in the festival’s tail-end, with highlights including the twenty-actor performance, ‘Taipei Notes’, and the Taiwanese Opera and European fusion performance, ‘Hazardous Games around Hearts and Arrows.’ Learn more at the official website.

September 1-4 | Taipei Tea Culture Fair

There are those who appreciate the power of a good cup of tea, and those who don’t. If you’re in the former camp, you’ll be excited to hear that there will be a four-day tea fair kicking off at the World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 right at the beginning of September. You’ll be overwhelmed by tea mania with the 700+ booths (yes, more than 700!) filled with countless tea varieties, tea pots, tea products—anything, and everything tea-related. For more info, click here (website in Chinese).

September 23 | TLC Picnic Day

An invitation to attend travel and lifestyle TV channel TLC’s mammoth picnic is once again extended to everyone and anyone interested in a lazy Saturday by the riverside. Join in on the 5th annual Picnic Day by heading straight to Meiti Riverside Park, picnic rug and food in hand. Once there, you can set up camp on the grassy plains, and chill out to the great variety of live music and performances lined up for the occasion. More details can be found here.

September 24 | SpringWave Sunset IV

If you couldn’t get your hands on tickets to this month’s hugely popular EDM festival, Road To Ultra, we have just the solution to your FOMO: SpringWave Sunset IV. SpringWave, like Ultra, is an EDM festival held at Dajia Riverside Park. The major difference between the two is that SpringWave appears to be much more scaled-back. (Fortunately, that means SpringWave’s ticket prices are less steep than Ultra’s!). Information about the festival is slowly trickling out, so if you’re interested in going, keep tabs on the event here.

September 30 | Maji Plant Fair

Green thumbs will want to make space on their calendar to attend the Maji Plant Fair at the end of the month. Held at Yuanshan’s Maji Maji entertainment quarter, the Plant Fair will have all manner of garden goodness to buy including flowers, cacti, moss, succulents, and more. Those wanting to get their hands dirty can also attend DIY classes in everything from landscaping to potting. There’s food and drink at the fair, so you can make it a whole day outing. Click here for more info!