Having trouble finding a good Taipei Travel Guide? Here is everything you need to know for a trip to Taiwan's biggest city in 60 seconds.

One Awesome Taiwan Video

A Haiku about Taipei

Vibrant night life

Lots to do in the city


Speak Like A Local

Taiwanese speak Mandarin and its dialects, with some speaking English.

Chat Like A Local

Popular messaging apps include WhatsApp, Line, and WeChat.

All About That Cash

The official currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD, NTD, or NT$, ~NT$30 = US$1). Street food typically costs around NT$60, with restaurant meals around NT$120 to NT$300 per dish.

Best Time to Visit

Taipei has warm weather all year round, but note that March to May is the rainy season, and June to August comes with occasional typhoons.

Is it safe?

Very safe.

One Crazy Fact

Taiwan’s garbage trucks play music (even Christmas and Chinese New Year songs) to alert citizens to take out their trash for collection.

Main Districts

- Xinyi: A district filled with shopping, entertainment, and dining options.

- Daan: Known for the SOGO shopping area and the Shida night market.

- Ximending: Well-known for hip shopping spots.

- Zhongshan: Visit for the parks and cultural attractions as well as nightlife spots.

- Shilin: Known for the city’s most popular night market.

Taiwan's Highest Road

Route 14 is built along the ridges of the Hehuan Mountains with an average altitude of 3,275m.

Getting In and Out

There are three international airports in Taipei: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport, and Taipei International (Songshan) Airport.

Travelling from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to the city: 

- By bus: Check bus schedules and routes here. A trip to the Taipei Main Station takes about an hour.

- By train: Take the airport’s shuttle bus to get to the railway station (25 minutes). To check your train route and fare, see the timetable and fare finder here.

- By taxi: Taxis are available at the west side of both terminals, at the Arrivals Lobby. A trip to the Taipei Main Station costs NT$1,200-1,500.

- By car: Car rental services can be found in both terminals of the airport. Head to the first floor of the Arrivals Lobby at Terminal 1 and 2 to locate Ching Bing Auto Leasing and Rental Hotai Leasing respectively.

Travelling from Kaohsiung International Airport to the city: 

- By bus: Public buses take you to various parts of the city. Check the bus routes and fares here.

- By train: Take the MRT Red Line from the Kaohsiung International Airport Station to access the Taiwan Railway at Kaohsiung Station and the Taiwan High Speed Rail at Zuoying Station.

- By taxi: Take a taxi near the bus boarding areas. Alternatively, take a roving taxi with a surcharge of NT$50.

- By car: Rent a car at the Car Rental Center or the International Terminal. Find a full list of car rental companies here.

Travelling from Taipei International (Songshan) Airport to the city: 

- By bus: Download the map to check the bus routes here.

- By train: Take the MRT from Songshan Airport Station at Terminal 1. MRT map and more information here.

- By taxi: The taxi stand is located outside the Arrivals Lobby. Travelling within the city usually does not exceed NT$250.

- By car: Find a full list of car rental companies here.

Getting Around

Common forms of transportation include:

- Walking 

- Bicycle: Rent a bike through the YouBike Public Bicycle Rental service.

- Bus: Take the public buses or the tourist shuttle service.

- Subway: The MRT is one of the best ways to get around the city. Find more information on the MRT lines and map here.

- Taxi: A meter may not be used for long-distance travel, so be sure to check the charging method with the driver before boarding.

- Car: You can drive a car with an international driving license. Alternatively, get a car with a driver.

- Scooter: Scooters are very popular among locals but can come with licensing complications for visitors. Visit BikeFarm for more information.

Tip: Purchase an EasyCard, which will allow you to travel on buses and the MRT easily. You can also use it to check out your bicycle at the metro stations.