Taipei boasts a great selection of night markets filled with funky shops and an array of street food. However, most travel publications skip over the city's most interesting market experiences. These markets have just as much historical and cultural influence as the more well-known night spots and featurE a range products not readily found on the shelves of major stores.

Best for Artists and Designers: The Red House Market

The Red House is best known as a Japanese-style theatre that's been turned into a creative space. Located in the Ximending, the Red House is also now home to a weekend market for local artists and designers to sell their work. It’s easy to find handcrafted stationery, repurposed leather goods, pet apparel, and even funky temporary tattoos among its whimsical displays.

For travelers, the Red House Market is a great way to get a feel for local artistic voices.

Best for Traditionalists: Nanmen Market

Night markets in Taipei are synonymous with delicious foods, but neither night markets nor groceries stores can provide fresh and staple ingredients for cooking. Nanmen Market is one of the best places to find a wide selection of dried goods, dehydrated meats, candies, and dried beans.

This market is great to sample snacks while picking up staple cooking ingredients that can be hard to find in other food venues. The top floors even offer clothing and other home goods and with a location just a few feet from MRT Chiang Kai-Shek station, Nanmen Market balances convenience with a cultural twist.

Best for Eco-lovers: Jianguo Holiday Flower Market

One of the most colorful and vibrant markets in Taipei, the Jianguo Flower Market opens only on weekends alongside the Jade Market. Both convert parking garages under the Jianguo Elevated Road into beautiful stands of fresh flowers, garden accessories, and more.

Most stunning are the impressive displays of orchids for sale at reasonable prices. It’s hard to not walk into the Jianguo Flower Market and not feel instantly more cheerful.

Best for Foodies: Taipei Fish Market

Another market that has seen an increase of hungry guests is Taipei’s Fish Market. In the heart of this traditional fish market, there are several restaurants and shops that allow customers to pick up fresh seafood as well as beautiful cuts of sashimi.

Modelled after Japanese fresh fish markets and eateries, this is a favourite among those who appreciate the freshest ingredients the island has to offer. Weekends can get really busy with locals and visitors packing takeaway boxes with huge assortments of seafood.

Best for Fashionistas: Yongle Fabric Market

Yongle Fabric Market is well-known by locals, but try finding English information on the place and you might still be searching long after your sewing needles have retired. Located on Dihua Street, there are still many remnants of this old bustling commercial district around, including stalls overflowing with fabric goods and large groupings of seamstresses. You'll find all things craft and DIY inside the unassuming, unmarked buildings in the surrounding few blocks.

English service is limited, but show a picture of what you are looking for and many shop owners will take you to a nearby store that stocks it.