With countless street markets, shopping malls and one-of-a-kind boutique stores, shopaholics are spoilt for choice in Taipei. Need details on where to go to pick up the latest fashion trends and gifts to take home? This guide will tell you exactly which spots to hit up!

Best for Clothes

Wufenpu 五分埔

As the city’s main wholesale clothing centre, Wufenpu is where clothing vendors at night markets come to pick up their stock. This means you're guaranteed to find the most fashionable items here before anywhere else and at much cheaper prices too. Do note that, like other night markets, Wufenpu does not have fitting rooms and only some shop owners will allow haggling.

Price: $-$$

Ximending 西門町

In contrast to Wufenpu’s wider appeal, Ximending targets trendy youth, and their stores teem with unusual and eclectic finds. Moreover, the area continues to be heavily influenced by Japanese culture, which is reflected in the accessories, costumes, clothes, and shoes found here. Prices here are comparable to night market prices.

Price: $-$$ 

Shida 師大

The Shida area caters mostly to college students, so the clothing here ranges from cheap, basic items to pricier boutique apparel, with Korean-style attire being the most prevalent. The Shida night market is an especially good place to come looking for on-point items and you know what? You can do all the shopping you want whilst munching on crispy fried chicken and sipping on bubble tea.

Price: $-$$ 

Xinyi / East District 信義區

If you’re looking to splurge in a big way, head east to Xinyi District. In line with the high-end retail theme of the area, Xinyi’s department store, Breeze Center - as well as all its other shops - carry couture brands like Miu Miu, Chanel, Prada, and more. There are also a few flagship stores for more affordable lines, like H&M and Zara.

Price: $$$-$$$$  

Best for Gifts

Eslite Xinyi 誠品書店

You may already know that Eslite is a bookstore, but it’s a superlative one: as Asia’s only 24-hour bookstore, it offers hundreds of thousands of books and magazines. However, its most remarkable trait is its sheer vastness.

At its flagship store in Xinyi, Eslite sells a variety of designer lifestyle items. There's also plenty of children’s books, a discovery museum, an activities floor and even a themed restaurant for you to make your way through. You're bound to walk out with a book for yourself and a gift for a loved one.

Note that only the Dunnan branch, not the Xinyi branch, is open 24 hours.

Price: $-$$$ 

Zhongshan 中山

If Eslite was a street, it would be Zhongshan, brimming with vintage shops, independent labels, upscale brands, and charming cafes. The diversity here is enough for a whole afternoon’s worth of exploration, so we recommend walking around and popping into stores. You’ll be surprised at the kinds of gifts available!

If you’re rushed for time, stop by SPOT, a complex dedicated to film, art, and creative interchange.

Price: $-$$$ 

Best for Souvenirs

Jade and Artist Market

Located next to Da’an Forest Park and the popular Flower Market, these bazaars are only open on weekends. Contrary to its name, the Jade Market sells jewelry, curios, and accessories of all different types: copper, crystal, glass, even semiprecious stones.

The Artist Market is smaller but more focused on handicrafts, including Chinese paper lamps, traditional calligraphy, and figurines.

Price: $-$$ 

Shilin Night Market 士林夜市

Night markets are always a safe bet for Taiwanese gifts, and as one of the biggest in Taipei, the Shilin Night Market won’t disappoint. Whether it’s hats with funky English words, toys for children, postcards with city scenes, or a can’t-go-wrong box of pineapple cakes, Shilin has it all.

Price: $-$$