Ah Phuket, that paradise of endless beaches, tropical forests and endless sunshine.

Not known for being a family destination, the Southern Phuket city of Rawai is changing that perception as a hidden gem with less crowds making it a perfect offbeat vacation spot for families.

Destress Your Holidays

Family trips can be hectic, but if you want the perfect space to relax while also letting the kids have some fun look no further than Southern Phuket’s premiere family-friendly destination: Rawai VIP Villas. With 43 villas and three private streets, the villa balances both high-end luxury and family entertainment.

And when we say there's nothing to worry about, these villas come with complete amenities including a swimming pool, fully equipped kitchen, and up to 6 bedrooms -each with a private bathroom (so the kids won't be fighting!) Best of all, bicycles are free to rent, and children get free access to Rawai Park!

Kid-Friendly Entertainment Abound

The Rawai Kids’ Park is essentially a child's dream and instantly makes Rawai a highly sought-after family destination. The fun never stops as the park is open 7 days a week and their team even organizes their own games and activities every weekend. Whether your children are aged 1 to 14, the entire family can have a blast together!

The 4,000-square-meter park includes four play zones catering to different age groups: there's the water zone with pools and slides, a roofed play zone full of jungle gyms, an indoor playroom for crafts and activities and also an outdoor rope climbing tower!

Each zone has specified age limits, ensuring a safe time for everyone. A separate green area provides the perfect space for taking pictures or playing mini football.  There really is no shortage on things to do at the park!

And after your family works up an appetite from all of the running around, swimming and activities, head over to the Love Rawai Cafe for some delicious Thai and International cuisine.  Spend an entire action-packed day at the Rawai Park and create some amazing memories with the kids!

Enjoy the Beautiful Rawai Beach and Surroundings

Just a short walk from Rawai VIP Villas, you can enjoy the sunny views of  Rawai Beach. Great for taking strolls and exploring the rest of the neighborhood filled with cafes, restaurants, and massage parlors, only a short distance away.  If you have a chance enjoy some of the freshest seafood dishes you've ever tasted!

Make a Quick Island Visit and Enjoy the Water Activities

Staying at the Rawai VIP Villas sets you in the south coast, making it simple to ride a speed boat to the surrounding islands of Bon Island, Coral Island, Racha Islands.

Just 1km away, a quick boat ride takes you to the beautiful and peaceful Bon Island for those looking to really soak up the sun and just enjoy family bonding.

Just a bit further, a 15 minute boat ride and visit the luxurious and private Coral Island, also known as Banana Beach which features almost every fun beach activity you can think of!  Both children and adults can have their choice of snorkelling, tubing, rafting and more.

For those looking for the softest white sand beaches, then Racha Beach if for you. Only a short 25 minute boat ride brings you to yet another great island with stunning views and corals to explore creating a serene family paradise.

Try a Range of Outdoor Activities

It would be remiss of families to leave Thailand without a taste of the activities it has to offer, and choices abound. Both children and adults can have their choice of parasailing, kayaking, tubing, rafting, miniature golfing, surfing, and more.

Or you can challenge yourself on the rope climbing tower back at Rawai Kids Park. Kids can attempt to scale the 7-meter-high net! But don't let the height scare you off, helmets, instructors, and proper equipment ensure a safe and unforgettable experience - and certainly one unique to Rawai!

These villas are perfect for any family, no matter how large the group or the age of your family members. Select from 2-6 bedroom villas designed with a thai-modern style and enjoy the reception services, free breakfast and airport transfers by minibuses that are available!

Luxurious, safe and clean accommodations with nearby fun-filled activities - what are you waiting for! Make it easier on yourself by booking at the Rawai VIP Villas today!