There is hardly a middle ground; you either love or hate mayonnaise.

And the Japanese really love their mayonnaise.

It is well known that Japanese mayonnaise is richer than its Western counterparts, using only egg yolks as compared to whole eggs in the making process. Domestic mayonnaise company Kewpie, known for its baby mascot, cashes in on the country’s obsession with the condiment, by opening up limited-time mayonnaise cafes in the country. After the success of Kewpie Mayo Café in 2016, it is back again just for one month in Tokyo and Nagoya this spring.

Kewpie Mayo Café @ Tokyo opens officially on March 1st, which is also the official mayonnaise day in the country – Japan has a day dedicated to everything. The café is decorated with the characteristic Kewpie mayonnaise bottles, as well as the baby mascot. You will also be able to purchase Kewpie merchandises at the café.

Salads are usually served at Mayo cafés in Japan, as it is believed that mayonnaise will encourage people to eat their greens. There are also baked rice, pasta, and pizza on the menu, but they come with a lot more greens than usual. Vegetable tempura with various flavored mayonnaise is also part of the menu at Kewpie Mayo Café @ Tokyo. If you are there early enough, you can order the pudding dessert, limited to 100 cups a day.

Kewpie or mayonnaise fans, remember to pay a visit to the Mayo Terrace in Chofu, which is a museum dedicated to mayonnaise. You will read all about the history of Japanese mayonnaise, and also see how mayonnaise is made in Kewpie’s factories. You will also be able to make-your-own flavored mayonnaise to bring home at the museum. Be sure to make your reservations before heading over.

The Kewpie Mayo Café sits in Royal Garden Cafe Shibuya, and will be opened until 31st of the month. It will then move to Nagoya from April 3rd till April 30th. If you are in Tokyo or Nagoya on these dates, do not miss out on trying the unique Mayo Café!