As the country settles into springtime, the warmer weather packs the April calendar with events that will have everyone venturing into the outdoors. You may be catching the last of 2017's cherry blossoms, but there are many more exciting events for you to check out this month! 

April 7-June 25 | Marvel: Age of Heroes Exhibition

Rejoice Marvel fans! The massive comic book company behind Avengers, X-Men and many enormously popular superheroes is bringing the Marvel universe to Tokyo with their Marvel: Age of Heroes exhibition. Divided into five sections, “History”, “Culture”, “Hero”, “Cinematic Universe” and “Art”, the exhibition will showcase over 200 pieces of Marvel character-related items such as stage props, costumes and pictures. Fans will also get a sneak peek into the early stages of various Marvel productions. Tickets are priced at 1800 yen and can be purchased at door. You can get more information here.

April 7-16 | Craft Sake Week Roppongi

Get a taste of Japan at the Craft Sake Week Roppongi! 10 breweries from across the country will be serving up their finest sake and shochu each day, and visitors will be able to sample the 100 meticulously selected beverages over the course of 10 days. You can check out which breweries are showcasing their wares on what days here, according to the different themes set for each day of the "week".  A “Craft Sake Starter Set”, which costs 3500 yen, will include a sake cup and six sake coins and must be purchased in order to drink at this event.

Until April 9 | Sumida Park Sakura Festival

Sitting in between Azuma Bridge and Sakura Bridge in Asakusa is Sumida Park, a famous spot for hanami (flower viewing) in Tokyo. Though well known, Sumida Park usually sees a smaller crowd than the other cherry blossom spots, making it an ideal location for a quieter and less chaotic hanami experience. With over 600 cherry blossom trees decorating the banks of Sumida River, along with the towering Tokyo Skytree in the background, every photo taken here is an Instagram-worthy piece. More information can be found here.

April 14-15 | Tokyo Art & Antiques 2017


Boasting over 150 unique art galleries, the Nihonbashi and Kyobashi districts in Tokyo are home to classic arts, nihon-ga painting, sculpture and crafts. Tokyo Art & Antique 2017 is the celebration for this love of art, and will open up various opportunities for visitors to attend the many art talks, auctions and workshops for free. Foreigners can also admire and learn more about Japanese arts and antiques at this event, and maybe even bring home a uniquely Japanese souvenir! To take in all that the celebration has to offer, alight at Kyobashi station and walk your way towards Nihonbashi station. The full event listing can be found here.

April 28-29 | Minne Handmade Market 2017

Spent a lot of time on etsy trying to snap up something artistic and unique? Minne, the etsy of Japan, representing over 15,000 established and rookie artists from the country will be holding a Handmade Market where you can get your hands on a wide variety of handicrafts from clothes to bags and tea cups to cakes. With the success from last year’s event, Minne Handmade Market 2017 will be featuring over 1800 booths, along with various handicraft workshops where you can pick up tips and tricks from the artists present, during the two-day event. Early tickets are priced at 1200 yen, and tickets at door will be 1500 yen. Re-entry is allowed for the event and you can use the same ticket for both days. Ticketing information (in Japanese) can be found here.