March is when the cold drops dramatically in Tokyo, signaling the beginning of spring. Cherry blossoms bloom around the city in late March, painting the metropolis a beautiful hue of pink and red.

Until March 5 | I Love Sake: Nihonshu Maniacs Exhibition

Aiming to look at sake from a subculture viewpoint, the exhibition displays rare bottles of sake from all over Japan, as well as illustrations and writings about sake from prominent artists. Visitors can admire the beautiful history of Japanese sake, while tasting quality amazake and nihonshu for free—a tasting cup and drinks are included in the exhibition entrance fee of 500yen. The exhibition also features some of the biggest brands in the Japanese sake industry, as well as the sale of sake and related goods in the venue. More information (in Japanese) can be found here.

March 17-19 | Art Fair Tokyo

Largest art fair in Japan and the oldest in Asia; Art Fair Tokyo features a wide range of art from antiques and crafts to Japanese-styled painting, modern art and contemporary art. Showcasing over 150 galleries, “Art is Alive: getting closer to art, art getting closer” is the theme for Art Fair Tokyo 2017. This year’s theme has been created with the hope that a moment of getting close to art can be experienced by as many people as possible. More information can be found here.

March 18 | Asakusa Kannon Jigen-e

The Asakusa Kannon Jigen-e ritual sees a golden dragon dance (Kinryu no Mai) performed at the Asakusa Sensoji Temple. The ritual commemorates Buddha’s appearance into this world on March 18th, AD628. The golden dragon is a dragon god and protector of Buddhism. On this day, there are hourly performances at the Asakusa Jinja from 10am to 3pm. More information about the ritual can be found here.

March 18-April 9 | Ueno Sakura Matsuri

With over 1200 cherry blossom trees lining the park, Ueno Park is one of the prime locations in Tokyo for hanami (cherry blossom viewing). In order to get a good hanami spot in Ueno Park, it is common to see blue picnic mats reserving spaces from as early as 6am. People commonly return to their reserved spots with family and friends after work. The night is lit up with more than 1000 lanterns lining along the park’s pathways, giving hanami a different experience as compared to the day. You can read more about the festival and the history here.

March 25 | Tokyo Girls Collection

Gathering some of the biggest names from the Tokyo fashion scene, the Tokyo Girls Collection is a one-day event that combines fashion with music. “Female Hero” is the theme behind the 2017 spring edition of Tokyo Girls Collection. The event will see models such as Kawakita Mayuko and Maggy taking the runway, showcasing brands like Lowrys Farm and WEGO, along with performances by miwa and Korean boygroup iKON. More information (in Japanese) can be found here.