Everything you need to know for a trip to Japan's vibrant capital city.

One Awesome Tokyo Video

(Skip the intro; the real fun starts at 1:25)

A Haiku about Tokyo

Eclectic fashion;

Futuristic capital;

Bustling sights and streets

Speak Like A Local

Locals speak Japanese, with some speaking English.

Chat Like A Local

The most popular messaging app in Japan is Line.

All About That Cash

The official currency is the Japanese Yen (¥ or JPY, US$1 ~ ¥120). Street food like a bowl of ramen will cost around ¥800-1,000.

Best Time to Visit

Autumn months between September to November has comfortable temperatures, and the spring month of April is when cherry blossom season is at its peak. Summertime sees the most tourist crowds and humid weather.

Is it safe?

Extremely safe.

One Crazy Fact

Tokyo’s tourism ambassador is Godzilla.

Main Districts

- Ginza: An upmarket shopping district.

- Harajuku: Known for being a significant fashion and shopping district.

- Roppongi: Popular for nightlife and shopping.

- Shibuya and Shinjuku: Shopping and entertainment spots.

- Akihabara: A high tech, electronics shopping district.

- Ueno: Famous for Ueno Park, a spot for cherry blossoms.

- Yanesen: Known for its historical streets.

Japan’s Most Expensive Fruit Shop

The Sembikiya fruit emporium feature square watermelons that cost over US$200 and 12-packs of strawberries for almost US$70.

Getting In and Out

Tokyo has two airports: Haneda Airport (also known as Tokyo International Airport) and Narita International Airport, with the latter being the smaller of the two.

Travelling from Haneda Airport to the city:

- By train: Take the Haneda Airport International Terminal Station on the Keikyu Line, or the third-floor Haneda Airport International Terminal Station of the Tokyo Monorail Line. Train and monorail map here.

- By bus: Head to bus terminal 1 for bus to Tokyo Station. Map and more route information here. Buy tickets at the ticket counter on the left after exiting the second floor arrival lobby, or from ticket vending machines at bus stops.

- By taxi: Get a taxi outside second and third floor access halls.

Travelling from Narita International Airport to the city:

- By train: Take the rail from Narita Sky Access line, Keisei line, or Japan Railway line to get to your destination. Map here. A trip to Tokyo Station using the the Japan Railway takes about an hour and costs ¥3,020.

- By bus: Buses that take you to central Tokyo are available at all 3 terminals. Destination and ticket purchasing information here.

- By taxi: Taxi fares charge based on zones, with fares ranging from ¥16,000 to ¥26,000 to different parts of Tokyo.

Getting Around

Common forms of transportation include:

- Walking

- Bicycle: Bike rental information here. Be sure to have a photo ID and credit card, which is used to pay.

- Subway: Taking the subway is a easy way to get around the city. Tickets can be purchased at any station. Map and ticketing details can be found here.

- Bus: Most buses in Tokyo operate by a fixed fare system, and you place your fare into the fare box beside the driver’s seat when you board. There are sightseeing buses (¥ 210 per adult), and regular Toei buses (¥ 210 per adult) that cover main city areas.

- Taxi: There are tourist taxis where the driver would provide tourist information and take passengers to tour the city. Other standard taxi types here.

- Car: You will need an international driving licence to rent a car.

Tip: Purchase the one-day pass (¥600) for unlimited train rides while exploring the city.