One of the largest metropolises in the world, Tokyo is a one-stop destination for the best of the best. Michelin-starred restaurants, lavish shops, world-acclaimed acts and international events; the city has them all. There is no better way, then, to round out the ultimate Tokyo experience than to retire to a luxury abode in the heart of the city and maybe prepare to do it all again tomorrow.

1. Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

No list of the best luxury hotels in Tokyo is complete without the Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo. Taking up floors 30 to 39 of the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower in the financial district of Nihonbashi, it is close to upscale Ginza and a prime choice for business folk and shoppers alike.

Guests are welcome to enjoy the in-house spa or any of the ten bars and restaurants on the topmost floors – three of which have been awarded Michelin stars – but many feel that the jewel of the Mandarin Oriental is its incredible views, available from every room. The lack of tall buildings surrounding the hotel makes it possible to marvel at the city spread out below you; especially breathtaking when seen from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

2. Park Hyatt Tokyo

Anyone who has watched the film Lost in Translation, which seems to be cementing itself as a classic of our time, will recognize this hotel instantly. Located from the 39th to the 52nd stories in the N Tower of the Shinjuku Park Tower, Park Hyatt Tokyo is in the center of an area known for its boutiques and other shops.

Like most luxury lodging, no expense is spared for the room amenities and hotel features – 15-inch televisions in bathrooms, indulgent spa treatments, and even a private library of fine books; guests have access to them all. Perhaps what makes it most attractive is, of course, the aerial view of the city that its height affords. Guests can enjoy the setting sun and romantic indigo colours of the night sky from several of the hotel’s restaurants – including the famous New York Grill from the movie – or take a dip in the indoor pool where the surrounding clear windows could almost fool you into thinking you’re swimming in the sky.

3. The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

In the heart of town, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu offers proximity to the National Diet Building, the Imperial Palace and the Akasaka and Ginza areas. While many hotels are part of a larger tower, The Capitol’s facilities are in a building of their own and span over 30 floors. Besides the spa, guest rooms and suites, there are other options which guests can utilise including a photo studio, beauty salon, pastry boutique, and florist.

What sets The Capitol apart from many of its counterparts is its contemporary Japanese-inspired design. While many luxury hotels retain a western flavour, rooms in The Capitol often feature Japanese motifs in their wallpaper and shoji screen separators. The inspiration carries throughout the hotel via its use of woods and clean lines in its furniture. This is a hotel where the Japanese ambience and serene views remind you of another side of Tokyo. 

4. The Peninsula Tokyo

There are only a handful of hotels that immediately come to mind when discussing renowned luxury hotels in Tokyo and The Peninsula is part of that elite group. Situated in Marunouchi, The Peninsula lies opposite Hibiya Park and is within walking distance of Ginza. It boasts dramatic and elegant artwork and beautiful interiors but simply having prime locations and gorgeous decorations no longer impress the well-travelled set flowing in and out of Tokyo’s borders.

The Peninsula’s extraordinary service and attention to the needs and wants of its guests are what keep people coming back time and again. From transport – the hotel has its own fleet of luxury vehicles customised and painted the signature Peninsula Brewster Green – to specialised classes for guests. Under the Peninsula Academy, guests of all ages can register for an array of activities and programmes that tie in to the city’s culture and lifestyle. A stay at the Peninsula is nothing less than an experience.

5. Aman Tokyo

Although vibrant and alive, the frenetic energy of Tokyo may not be for everyone. For those seeking a place to unwind after the hustle and bustle of the day, the resort-like serenity of Aman Tokyo provides that spot of calm.

Nestled high above the horizon, the elegant rooms echo traditional Japanese residences through their use of pale woods, washi paper and soothing stone. Luxurious fabrics and careful placement of furniture invite guests to relax but the highlight of it all is definitely the unobstructed view of landmarks like the Imperial Palace Gardens. Depending on the room and season, you may even catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji in the distance. The hotel also offers activities that continue the Japanese theme, such as a workshop on the martial art Iaido, and it is this combination of spiritual replenishment and modern design amidst the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city that makes Aman Tokyo truly one of a kind.